What looks like just another regional power outage, turns out to be a global power-grid failure. Martin Simmons is at work in downtown Boston. When his carpool, busses and trains fail as means to get back home to New Hampshire, Martin decides to go with his Plan B: walk home.


His Plan B was only partially prepared. His Get-Home-Bag was not really ready. He figured he could muddle through a two or three day walk. How bad could it be? What he did not plan for, was a traveling companion. Susan was a city girl, through and through. His Plan B had to be revised.

The journey home begins the adventrue

The story continues in "Siege Fall": Book 2 in the series

Author's Notes on Book 1

Another common feature of post-apocalyptic fiction has the hero blessed with ten thousand gallosn of gasoline, or inheriting a small fortune which enabled him to prepare. Or, the hero just happens to keep finding exactly what he needed for the problems encountered. How handy!

One kernel of the story in Book 1 is a 'Tale of a Get Home Bag.' The main character had one, and half a plan, but he was not totally prepared when the time came to use it. 

​Then too, the hero is usually single and hunky and rescues a beautiful single woman. Romance develops. What if, instead, the hero rescues the damsel, but he's faithfully married? Now what?
As a fan of post-apocalyptic fiction, I had encountered many stories set in a world right after the power grid fails. Often, the cause is an EMP or a nuclear attack, such that the characters all know that the S had hit the fan. In many of the stories, civilization is depicted as collapsing suddenly and violently into the darkest side of the Old West. Many authors assume that things will go Mad Max within a few days. I wanted to take a different tack.

What if the world did not know why  the power went out? New England has its occasional blackouts -- usually due to winter storms. People do not go Mad Max during those blackouts. They muddle through and wait. What if, when a global SHTF event occurs, everyone thinks it will get better soon? The darker side of humanity would eventually show itself.