The townsfolk of Cheshire have survived the attack of an urban gang and wrestle with ways to cope with a federal embargo on relief supplies for New Hampshire. They find a few new sources of food, but it is never enough to solve the problem: there won't be enough food for everyone to survive the winter. 


Beyond the town of Cheshire, the nation is divided. The government in Washington retains sway in the northeast and the west coast. The other states have banded together, opposing federal demands that they supply the big cities with food. The Coalition States want to smuggle supplies into New Hampshire to keep it free. It turns out that Susan holds the key to the success or failure of the operation.

Freezing and starving are not the only problems

Author's Notes on Book 3

Book 3 continues the story of the Simmons household in the town of Cheshire. Winter is settling in, which poses dangers of its own, above and beyond the problem of food.  This book is partially about adapting to a grid-down world, but also about winter survival.

​In the classic sense, the Hunger Season is that period between when your autum harvest runs out and before the new food of spring is grown.
The human factor never goes away as a potential problem. Even though the state borders are sealed by the Feds, that does not mean everyone within those borders is going to play fair or work for the betterment of the community. Sometimes, people are as big a problem as the elements.