The Crutch of Omniscience

The Crutch of Omniscience

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Mic Roland


  1. Book 4 finished
    13 Jun, 2017
    Book 4 finished
    The fourth book in the series went public on June 7th. In some ways, it seemed like it was taking forever to finish the writing, edit and then go through the gyrations necessary for publishing on Amazon. In other ways, it all seemed to whoosh by quickly. It does feel good to have that major task completed. There's a vacuum, however, where all the urgency had once been. The next project will be Book 5, naturally enough. Unlike Book 4, I don't have as complete of an outline already. When
  2. Bucking Convention
    17 Feb, 2017
    Bucking Convention
    People tend to have expectations. Sometimes, they get miffed when things don't match their expectations. Within the Post-Apocalyptic World (PAW) fiction market, the Run-And-Gun sub-genre has become fairly conventional. A friend recently summarized it this way: "Typically, we see in PAW fiction, one or more events which have, effectively, destroyed America as we know it, and one or more gritty heroes emerge from the [CME/EMP/GTW/BIO-WAR/ISLAMIC ATTACKS] to find a nation in total ruin, and
  3. The thrill of a sale
    15 Dec, 2016
    The thrill of a sale
    I have to admit, it was pretty exciting to see that someone actually bought one of my book the day after it went 'live'. It's not like the series is taking off all gang-busters like, so there'll be no quitting the day-job. Nonetheless, it's gratifying to see people give it a try. What has been kind of fun to track is how many of books 2 and 3 get sold. From the numbers, it's obvious that not everyone who buys book 1 likes the series enough to buy book 2 or 3. That's okay. The story wasn't really
  4. Finally Published: An Amazon Adventure
    15 Dec, 2016
    Finally Published: An Amazon Adventure
    Writing the books was the fun part. Publishing, not so much. But, I finally got the third book's files all uploaded to Amazon and cleared the approval process. Finally.  The process was a bit more convoluted than I expected. Seems the Kindle upload had to be in .mobi format, while the paperback version had to be in Word.  To Make a Mobi Being the frugal guy and all, I was out for how to do the job for free. This meant some extra steps, no doubt. There is a free software out there called
  5. Cover art is almost like writing another book
    12 Dec, 2016
    Cover art is almost like writing another book
    I knew each book would need a cover, but did not give it much thought while writing the stories. It wasn't until the books were done and the prospect of actually uploading them to Amazon for publication, that I started to look into just what the covers ought to look like.  I had an early notion of what Book 1's cover might be like, but discarded it. Cover art, nowadays, is bolder than what I had first imagined.  Telling the story again, in a picture Studying other book cover designs gave me