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  1. The Crutch of Omniscience
    22 Feb, 2017
    The Crutch of Omniscience
    One of the style features I'd found fairly common in PAW fiction was that of the Omniscient Narrator. It often makes for a breezy, fast-paced narrative, as the author could say what was going on inside Chinese satellites deep in space, then zoom into a White House briefing room, next to zip over to a far away farm to see what was in the thoughts of a young boy. All that zipping around can feel like action when it really isn't. The Omniscient Narrator, in PAW fiction, is often a vehicle for the
  2. Bucking Convention
    17 Feb, 2017
    Bucking Convention
    People tend to have expectations. Sometimes, they get miffed when things don't match their expectations. Within the Post-Apocalyptic World (PAW) fiction market, the Run-And-Gun sub-genre has become fairly conventional. A friend recently summarized it this way: "Typically, we see in PAW fiction, one or more events which have, effectively, destroyed America as we know it, and one or more gritty heroes emerge from the [CME/EMP/GTW/BIO-WAR/ISLAMIC ATTACKS] to find a nation in total ruin, and